Venice Shopping

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  • Rialto Market

    Rialto Market

    Closely located near the Rialto Bridge, this is one of the busiest local markets in Venice situated right opposite the Grand Canal. Famous for its fish, fruit and vegetable market; many locals as well as international tourists often stop here to buy their daily dose of fresh food items, especially ...

    Local Market Street Market
  • VizioVirtu


    A must-visit for all chocolate lovers, this tiny little shop displays an array of chocolates in all shapes and sizes. Even the exterior of the shop is designed in a stylish manner and attracts a lot of passers-by on an everyday basis. Apart from buying chocolates, one can also see ...

  • Alice in Wonderland Fine Arts Gallery

    Alice in Wonderland Fine Arts Gallery

    This is one stop shop for all art-lovers. Lined with beautiful and authentic collection of mosaics, glass jewellery and glass paintings; this shop will tempt you to pick one piece for your home. Centrally located in Venice, close to the popular San Marco square, the shop will also give you ...

    Local Specialty
  • Murano Glass

    Murano Glass

    Murano glass is one of the specialties in Venice and there are many galleries and stores that display an array of interesting hand-blown glass items and objects. The designs are both traditional and unique, suiting likes of different age groups. Want more? Some of them also teach how to mould ...

    Local Specialty
  • Masks


    Admire the stunning piece in different colours and sizes which captures the true spirit of the Venetian people. Such is the variety that you would come face to face with a colourful pool of masks that would surely tempt you to buy at least one and carry that home as ...

    Local Specialty
  • Ca del Sol

    Ca del Sol

    Magnificent! This is how you will feel when you enter this shopping place which resembles to no less than the backstage of a theatre. Adorned with such elaborate costumes and traditional variety of masks, this shop is lined with hundreds of colourful pieces that you would want to try every ...

  • Cavalier


    Referred by people as the best gift shop in Venice, the Cavalier is known for its rare and stylish decorative items and artefacts. A combine initiative of a father and son, the shop is known for its unique taste in art. Alberto Cavalier (son of Gianni’s) has inherited this unique ...

  • Boudoir Galleria Ottica

    Boudoir Galleria Ottica

    What initially started as a small shop like a living room was soon transformed into a beautiful place; Boudoir Galleria Ottica is one of the shops you must visit when in Venice. Although it is an unusual shopping item that you would but when in Venice, but it is the ...