Natural Attractions in Venice

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  • Torcello Island

    Torcello Island

    Located in the northern side of the Venetian Lagoon, this small island offers a scenic vista to both tourist and locals. Once you are done with the usual sightseeing tour in Venice, you might want to take a quick break and transpose to a completely serene and peaceful island. This ...

  • Isola di Pellestrina

    Isola di Pellestrina

    Located in the southernmost part of the coastal lagoon, Pellestrina is an island quite similar to Lido. A narrow island, it stretches for about 10 km. While on one hand there is a lagoon and fishing village, there are huge embankments on the other side. Dotted with colourful houses and ...

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  • La Giudecca

    La Giudecca

    A beautiful island which is located in the southern side of central islands in Venice, some of the tourists decide to stay here for a day or two and soak in the tranquillity of the island. If you are looking for a place away from the usual humdrum of Venice ...

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  • Lagune von Venedig

    Lagune von Venedig

    Part of the Adriatic city bay, the Venetian Lagoon is where the city of Venice is located. Spread across 550 square kilometres, it stretches from River Sile to Brenta, this lagoon comprises of only 8 per cent of land area of which Venice and other smaller islands are a part ...

  • San Francesco del Deserto

    San Francesco del Deserto

    An island, this beautiful place is situated on the Venetian lagoon amidst Burano and Sant’Erasmo. You can reach here through a boat ride via Burano. Make sure you are decently dressed when visiting this island. As you stroll through this island, you would feel as if being transported to ancient ...