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By Air

The Marco Polo Airport is the nearest and the only airport in Venice. A 12-kilometre drive from the city, most of the flights that arrive at this airport are from other European cities. The airport is well-connected to the main town by both road and canals. Once you reach here, you can opt for a motorboat ride to the Saint Mark Square (preferred by most of the travellers as you get a sense of the widely used transport mode in Venice). The journey will not take more than an hour and is quite comfortable. However, if you wish to travel by road, then you can board a taxi which can be slightly expensive but is the fastest way to reach the town. You can also board a bus from the bus stand outside the terminal.

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By Bus

If you plan to reach Venice by bus, note that the parking of the bus and the only bus station in Venice is Piazzale Roma. Once you reach here, you need to take the water transport (which is closely located) to reach the main town or your place of interest. You can follow Autostrada 4, A13 and SS11 which are the major routes to Venice from different parts of Italy.

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By Train

The Santa Lucia Station is located within the town of Venice and is the main mode of transport that is often used by people to travel to different cities in Europe. The terminal is well-linked with not just the Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence and Padua but other European cities like Austria, Germany, Paris and London (via the most popular train, the Orient Express). Note that advance bookings are cheaper and you might want to buy a Eurail Pass that offers great deals but make sure you make a reservation for your desired departure time at the station at least a day before you travel.

Once you reach at the station, you can hire a private boat or a waterbus (the most common and economic mode of transport) that will take you to your hotel via waters of Grand Canal. This can be a great experience to feel the city up-close.

Travel Tip: Check the back of your ticket to see if it needs to be punched before boarding the train. If the ticket collector sees your ticket hasn’t been punched, he can impose a fine!

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