Grand Canal in Venice

Grand Canal, the main vein of Venetian waters.

Grand Canal, the main vein of Venetian waters. | Photo credit: Trish Hartmann/Flickr

Grand Canal Overview

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Meandering through the entire city of Venice, the Grand Canal is the most prominent landmark in Venice. Also known by locals as Canalazzo, the canal starts from St. Mark’s square on one side to Santa Lucia railway station on the other side. Believed to be 5 metres deep in most of the areas, the canal stretches up to approximately 2 miles.

A primeval source of water, today, the Grand Canal Street is lined with buildings, ancient houses (some of which date back to 13th century) that are bedecked with colourful paintings. It is quite close to the Rialto Bridge and the Accademia Bridge. You would see many gondolas and boats that are parked here. In fact, you must see the canal sailing on a gondola as then you can soak in the surrounding sights and enjoy the majestic beauty of the town. This is also the main corridors for commuting considering Venice relies mostly on water transport.

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