Adventure Spots in Venice

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  • Heliair Venice

    Heliair Venice

    While Venice on water is definitely a must-do experience, you might as well want to see this beautiful island from top. So, let your views take flight with this special helicopter service provided by the private operators in Venice. Capture the stunning views of Venice's geographical beauty, crossing canals and ...

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  • Kayaking


    While gondola is a sure thing that you will do when you are here, how about a sail that will also take you through the canals but in a cool way like Kayak maybe. In a city where water transport is prominent, kayaking has now become a new fad in ...

  • Stand Up and Paddle

    Stand Up and Paddle

    If you love to sail the waters in Venice at your own pace (paddlers only), then this is the most befitting activity for you to try. Yet another cool and new of exploring the city, navigate the by lanes of Venice as you paddle from one end to another. The ...

  • Rowing


    Try rowing like a Venetian! Unlike the gondola ride where you sit and enjoy the ride, when it comes to rowing, row like Venetians do! So, stand up and face ahead as you row while your instructor teaches you how to sail through the waters in Venice. Promising fun, rowing ...