Food in Varanasi

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  • Jalebis and Kachauri

    Jalebis and Kachauri

    Your taste buds are sure to be delighted in Varanasi! The food here is simple yet delicious. Typical breakfasts in Varanasi are not typical at all! The locals and tourists, both love munching on hot jalebis and kachauris for the first meal of the morning. You will find a jalebi ...

    Local dish Vegetarian Must try
  • Thandai


    There’s no better way to cool off in Varanasi than having a big glass of thandai. Cold drinks, soft drinks, sodas, all pale in comparison to the chilled delicious mixture of milk, baadam, sugar and pistachios. The thandai at Baba Thandai in the Bulanala area is considered the best in ...

    Local dish Vegetarian Must try
  • Bhang


    Lord Shiva’s most potent (often loved) blessing, bhang, is readily available at many places in Varanasi. Bhang is an intoxicant, hence, should be consumed in small quantities. ...

    Local dish Vegetarian Must try