Thiruvananthapuram FAQs

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Area geography

Standing tall on seven small hills, Trivandrum lies on the west coast of India in the state of Kerala and boasts of a tropical climate. Spread across an area of approximately 215 square kilometres, rivers like Karamana and Killi meander through the city.

Notes currencies cards

Indian Rupee

Cellular service for tourists

You can buy a local calling card for a cheaper outgoing rate. But major network operator services like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and others are operational in Trivandrum.

Wifi internet

Trivandrum has good internet facilities. Both 3G and broadband internet services are available. Even mobile internet is accessible in Trivandrum. Most of the hotels provide Wi-Fi connectivity on chargeable basis.

Drinking laws

The legal age for consumption of alcohol in the entire state of Kerala is 21 years.


Tipping is often welcome in India by most of the waiters and clerks. While food and beverage outlets add a service charge in the final bill, so tipping is not necessary. However, small tips for good service are always appreciated.


Trivandrum is a safe tourist destination. However, a wise traveller is always cautious of his/her surroundings while exploring the city to avoid petty thefts like pickpocketing.

General information

Languages spoken

Malayalam, English

Time zones

GMT + 05.30 hours

Major religions

Hinduism, Christianity, Islam

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

The standard voltage in India is around 220 volts and typically a two or three pin plug is used by everyone.

Common greetings

Hello: Hello

Good Morning: Suprabhaatham

Good Evening: Subhasayahnam

Goodbye: vida

Thank you: nandi parayuka

Sorry: maa-pu

I do not understand: nyaan ila ariyuka

No: ila

Yes: oh

I don’t know: nyaan ila ariyuka

How are you? : yengana sughum-thaneh?

What is your name? yentha ninte peru?

My name is: Yenda peru

Where is the washroom? : ithu yev-ada washroom?

Is this vegetarian? (point to a dish in a menu card): malacarri ?

Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): ithu yev-ada?

How much does this cost? : vila yethara aye?

Too expensive! Vila koodiya!

A little cheaper: kurachu Vila kuranja


Emergency numbers

Ambulance: 2333101
Fire: 2333101
Police: 100, 1090
Airport: 2501424
Railways: 131, 1361, 1363, 2324585
KSRTC Central Roadways: 2323886, 2323979
Tourist Information Counter,Thampanoor: 2327224, 2321132
Post Office: 2473071