LOCATION Norzin Lam, Thimphu

PHONE NO +975 17 67 10 92

The Yarkay Central has an interesting variety of Druk handicrafts. It houses four craft stores within and is a great place to hang out in the afternoon. If you are looking to shop most of your souvenirs in one place to avoid the exhaustion of walking around, then Yarkay Central is a good choice. Do visit Yangkha Arts and Crafts for thangka paintings and Kelzang Handicrafts for kiras, silk bags and hand-woven scarves.

Don't Forget to Buy: Thangka paintings and hand-woven scarfs



OPENING HOURS Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

The Weekend Market beside River Wangchu has over 100 bustling stalls for you to wander into and fill your bags with foodstuff, local arts and crafts. Priceless additions that you can take home are prayer wheels, thangkas (tapestries), Bhutanese stamps, Yatras (Bhutanese fabric) and traditional clothing like Gho and Kira. Jewellery made from Dzi beads, Bhutan Mist (traditional liquor) and bamboo baskets are exceptional buys. However, do not try to buy antiques as you are not allowed to take them across the border.

Don't Forget to Buy: Fresh produce, Bhutanese stamps, traditional Bhutanese attire, and traditional liquor


LOCATION Norzin Lam, Thimphu

PHONE NO +975 2 323 245

Located at the top end of Norzin Lam, the Handicraft Emporium is a government run crafts store. The store offers a wide variety of goods from handicrafts, traditional clothes, to an exciting selection of souvenirs. There is no scope for bargaining as the prices are set. It also offers an exclusive selection of specialized books on Buddhism and a number of local subjects.

Don't Forget to Buy: Handicrafts and books on Buddhism


LOCATION Tarayana Center, Chubachu, P.O. Box 2003, Thimphu

PHONE NO 975-2-329-333

Located at the top end of Norzin Lam, next to the town library, is the Taranyana Foundation store. A charity outlet, Tarayana supports and trains the disadvantaged to make traditional Bhutanese handicrafts. Even though the display at the store window is rather unappealing, the quality of handicrafts is excellent—some even better than the ones being sold at the commercial stores. However, the selection of goods is limited.

Don't Forget to Buy: Traditional Bhutanese handicrafts



LOCATION PO Box 1296, Norzin Lam, Thimphu

PHONE NO 975 2 326-752

Located in the Kawajangsa area, near the indigenous medicine hospital, Blue Poppy is a handicraft store specialising in paintings and woven fabrics. It also has a host of other handicraft items ideal for souvenir shopping.

Don't Forget to Buy: Paintings and woven fabrics