Things to Do in Thekkady

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  • The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

    Located close to the spice plantations and surrounded by the Cardamom Hills, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular attractions in Thekkady

    Declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978, this wildlife sanctuary is one of India's most prominent tiger reserves and has played a major role ...

  • Spring Valley Mountain

    Spring Valley Mountain

    Better known as Kurisumala among the locals, the Spring Valley Mountain is a hillock overlooking the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The hillock provides excellent opportunity for trekking. The peak of the hillock presents a dazzling view of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. ...

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  • Pandikuzhi


    This cradle of picturesque landscape, exotic flora and fauna and winding streams is sandwiched between Chellarkovil and Tamil Nadu. Pandikuzhi is a delightful spot for spending a day picnicking amongst thickets of greenery and gushing streams. ...

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  • Vandiperiyar


    Vandiperiyar is home to plantations of tea, coffee and pepper. The Periyar River flows through this town enriching the plantations.

    You can pay a visit to the Government Agricultural Farm and Flower Garden which has on display an illustrious collection of Roses, Orchids and Anthuriums. ...

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  • Chellarkovil


    This sleepy little village has started figuring prominently on the ‘places to visit while in Thekkady’ list. The stunning natural beauty of this place combined with the solitude and peace attract a good number of tourists.

    The shimmering light of the sun reflected on the cascading waterfalls is a ...

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  • Panchalimedu


    Deeply revered in Thekkady, it is believed that the Pancha Pandavas spent their years of exile in the forests of Panchalimedu.

    The stones found hereb are quite intriguing and interesting as they are carved in the shape of furniture, which were believed to be used by the Pandavas. ...

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  • Mangala Devi Temple

    Mangala Devi Temple

    The Mangala Devi Temple is a highly revered and sacred temple hidden deep in the forests of Thekkady. The temple opens only once every year for devotees to pay their respects to the deity of the temple. The temple only opens on Chitra Pournami, which falls in the month of ...

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  • Abraham’s Spice Garden

    Abraham’s Spice Garden

    If you are driving from Kottayam towards Thekkady, you will come across Abraham’s Spice Garden – a beautiful organic garden of spices. It’s a difficult task to spot the garden from the road unless you are actually looking for it and have a fair idea of its location.

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  • Grampi


    Grampi is a beautiful hill station of rolling hills, green pastures and a tranquil environment. Owing to its pristine valleys and picturesque landscape, Grampi has become a preferred tourist destination. ...

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  • Gavi


    If you’re a nature lover visiting Kerala, make sure you save some time for Gavi in your schedule. Natural, untarnished beauty abounds in this eco-tourism spot which is celebrated for its wildlife.

    A range of accommodations are available here, along with a restaurant, museum, garden and guide ...

  • Periyar Tiger Reserve

    Periyar Tiger Reserve

    One amongst the 27 tiger reserves in India and mainly known for being a tiger and elephant sanctuary, you must visit Periyar Tiger Reserve if you love being a part of nature’s bounty. You will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty, wild flowers, 100-year-old artificial lake and the rich bio-diversity ...