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Wular Lake in Kashmir is counted amongst the largest freshwater bodies present across the Asiatic continent. Formed due to extensive tectonic activities, it is considered as a delta of the Jhelum River. The surface area of this beautiful lake varies from 30 to 260 sq km, depending on the season. It is regarded as a Wetland of National Importance by the Government of India since 1986. In 1990, this lake became one of the few Indian ecosystems designated as Ramsar sites under the Ramsar Convention, which was an international treaty formed for the conservation of wetlands.

There are several legends associated with this lake, which make it an interesting place for storytellers. It is said that a city existed at the lake's site in old times that was destroyed in an earthquake and by flood. Local boatmen claim to have seen the remnants of this city and its caves (Wular). This lake finds mention in the Hindu mythology as Mahapadamsar, which was a large water body with fierce waves. These waves were called 'Ullola' in Sanskrit, which gradually came to be known as 'Wular' in the distorted form. Zain-ul-Abidin – the erstwhile Sultan of Kashmir – built an island named Zain-ul-Lank in the centre of Wular Lake.

The catchment basin of this lake is dotted with rich vegetation and forestation in the form of deodar, fir and walnut trees along with several aquatic plants. It is a significant aquatic habitat, with fish species like common carp, rosy barb, snow trout, catfish and salmon. Numerous terrestrial avian species can be sighted around this lake, which include short-toed eagle, little cuckoo, European hoopoe, Monal pheasant and Himalayan pied woodpecker. Migratory birds like little egzet, mallard and common pochard can also be seen in the region.

Owing to the rich biodiversity of the lake and its surrounding region, extensive efforts are made to turn it into a famous eco-tourism destination. It has already been developed as a popular spot for leisure tourism and picnics. Visitors can hire sailing boats and doongas for enjoying a ride on this lake. The tourism departments of this state and the country have recently introduced facilities for water sports and skiing. With its scenic beauty and proper provisions for entertainment, this lake is a perfect place to unwind during a vacation.

  • Photo Opp

    Wular Lake is blessed with nature's ethereal beauty, which makes it an enthralling destination for every photography lover. The vast expanse of its shimmering waters, beautiful island and surreal surroundings form spectacular scenery that compels visitors to capture through lens.
  • For Kids

    There are proper facilities for boating and water activities at the site of Wular Lake, which keep children delighted throughout their visit.

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