Religious Srinagar

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  • Hazratbal Mosque

    Hazratbal Mosque

    The silvery white Hazratbal Mosque is revered for housing a relic, the Prophet’s hair. Situated near the Dal Lake, the only domed mosque in Srinagar is a place of serenity, a must visit. Women are allowed only till the first part of the mosque. The Hazratbal Mosque lends a historic ...

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  • Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid

    Many devout followers visit the shrines, mosques and temples of Srinagar every year. Jama Masjid is the main mosque built in the 14th century by Sikander Butshikan. Architecturally unique, this monument has spires instead of domes and minarets. Interestingly, each of the 350 pillars of Jama Masjid is made from ...

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  • Shankaracharya Mandir

    Shankaracharya Mandir

    The meandering road of the wooded Shankaracharya Hill has the 11th century Shiva temple on top. The temple boasts of breathtaking views of the valley. It is regarded as the oldest site in Srinagar and dates back to 250 BC. No cellphones or cameras are allowed inside the temple premises ...

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  • Charar-e-Sharief


    Charar-e-Sharief is a renowned shrine, situated in its namesake hamlet near Srinagar. Having a splendid heritage of more than 600 years, it is counted amongst the oldest places of worship in the region. The shrine is dedicated to a revered Sufi saint named Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani, who propagated Rishism in ...

  • Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara

    Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara

    Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara in Srinagar is an important religious centre for Sikhs. It is situated outside the Har Parbat Fort's southern gate and forms an important part of the religious tourism in the city. The legend of this gurudwara associates it with Guru Hargobind – the sixth Sikh Guru and ...

  • Hazratbal Shrine

    Hazratbal Shrine

    Hazratbal Shrine in Srinagar is a famous mosque that holds high reverence amongst Muslims. According to local beliefs, it houses Moi-e-Muqqadas – the sacred hair of Prophet Muhammad's beard. Also known by different names like Assar-e-Sharief, Dargah Sharif and Madinat-us-Sani, this mosque is an epitome of love and devotion of ...

  • Jamia Masjid

    Jamia Masjid

    Jamia Masjid of Srinagar is a significant religious edifice, situated in the heart of the city's old part. This mosque was constructed in AD 1400, under the patronage of Sultan Sikandar. Years later, his son Zain-ul-Abidin carried out the renovation and extension of the mosque. It witnessed several natural disasters ...

  • Kheer Bhawani Temple

    Kheer Bhawani Temple

    Kheer Bhawani Temple is a celebrated Hindu shrine, situated in the Tulla Mulla village near Srinagar. The temple is constructed above a sacred spring, which is said to change its colours. Goddess Ragnya Devi – an incarnation of Goddess Durga – is the presiding deity of this temple. The temple ...

  • Makhdoom Sahib

    Makhdoom Sahib

    Makhdoom Sahib is a distinguished Islamic shrine, which lies below the Mughal Fort, towards the south of Hari Parbat. It is amongst the most famous shrines of the valley of Kashmir. The mosque is named after the revered Sufi saint Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom, who was known by different names like ...

  • Dastgir Sahib Shrine

    Dastgir Sahib Shrine

    Dastgir Sahib Shrine is an important Islamic place of worship, which is situated in the old city of Srinagar. This shrine was established in remembrance of Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani, who was a revered Sufi saint and preacher. It earns widespread recognition for its stunning interiors, which reflect artistic brilliance ...

  • Hari Parbat

    Hari Parbat

    Hari Parbat is a popular tourist attraction that is frequented by visitors in large numbers owing to its historical and religious significance. It is the site of several important edifices, which include the Durrani Fort, Parvati Temple, a Gurudwara and shrines of Akhund Mullah Shah and Khwaja Makhdoom Sahib. The ...

  • Hassanabad Imambara

    Hassanabad Imambara

    Hassanabad Imambara is an Islamic shrine located in Hassanabad – a region in Srinagar with a dominant population of Shia Muslims. It is a prominent place of worship for Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. In terms of antiquity, it is the second oldest shrine in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. ...

  • Jyesteshwara Temple

    Jyesteshwara Temple

    Jyesteshwara Temple, one of the ancient Lord Shiva shrines in Srinagar, is perched on the summit of the sacred Shankaracharya Hill. It is popularly known as the Shankaracharya Temple - in memory of the revered saint and philosopher Adi Shankara, who visited it several centuries ago. Nestled approximately 1000 feet ...

  • The Shrine of Naqshaband Sahib

    The Shrine of Naqshaband Sahib

    The Shrine of Naqshaband Sahib is a famous khanqah, situated in the beautiful city of Srinagar. It was established during the 17th century in the honour of Khwaja Syed Bha-u-Deen Naqsaband – the founder of a particular Sufi sect.

    The most attractive feature of this shrine ...

  • Pathar Masjid

    Pathar Masjid

    Pathar Masjid is an old mosque that lies along the banks of the Jhelum River in Nowhatta – the historic town in old Srinagar. This mosque was built in 1623, under the supervision of Nur Jahan – the famous Mughal empress.

    The name of this mosque ...

  • Roza Bal Shrine

    Roza Bal Shrine

    Roza Bal Shrine is a sacred tomb in the Khanyar region of Srinagar that attracts followers of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. According to various beliefs, it is the burial place of Yuz Asaf – the Jesus of Nazareth. It is widely believed that after surviving His crucifixion, Jesus arrived ...

  • Shankaracharya Hill

    Shankaracharya Hill

    One of the popular sacred sites in Srinagar, the Shankaracharya Hill is a part of the Zabarwan Mountain that occupies the central part of Kashmir. The Aita Gaj Gap separates this igneous rock formation from the Shilamar Range. This hill was known as Jetha Larak in olden times and was ...

  • Khanqah of Shah Hamadan

    Khanqah of Shah Hamadan

    Situated next to the Jhelum River, the Khanqah of Shah Hamadan is a renowned Sufi shrine in the city of Srinagar. It is alternatively known by names like Shah Hamadan Masjid, Khanqah Mosque and Khanqah-e-Moula. This mosque was built in 1395, which makes it one of the oldest Islamic shrines ...

  • Masjid of Akhund Mullah

    Masjid of Akhund Mullah

    Masjid of Akhund Mullah is a small mosque that lies below the shrine of Makhdoom Sahib in Srinagar. Many regard it as a mosque inside another mosque as the sanctum is present in a sprawling courtyard that surrounds the main building. Dara Shikoh – the eldest son and heir of ...

  • Tomb of Madin Sahib

    Tomb of Madin Sahib

    The Tomb of Madin Shah is a memorial shrine that lies towards the north of Zadibal's Madin Shah Mosque. It was built in remembrance of Madin Shah, who was a revered saint of the Kashmir valley.

    The tomb has been constructed in the 15th century Kashmiri ...