Nilagrad River in Srinagar

The Nilagrad River belived to heal ailments

The Nilagrad River belived to heal ailments

Nilagrad River Overview

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Nilagrad River is a gushing mountain stream that forms an integral part of Kashmir's breathtaking landscape. At Baltic Colony, it merges with the watercourse of Indus – one of the longest rivers across the world. The water of this river carries a reddish hue, which makes it different from other water bodies in the region. Natives believe that this water carries curative properties that heal many ailments. Owing to this belief, people gather here in large numbers on Sundays to take a bath in its supposedly healing water.

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    This river flows through a beautiful vale, which is blessed with picture-perfect vistas. Visitors can take snapshots of this gurgling river that is part of a stunning landscape.

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