Makhdoom Sahib in Srinagar

Revel in the architectural splendour of Makhdoom Sahib

Revel in the architectural splendour of Makhdoom Sahib | Photo credit: Tauqeer Zahid/Wikimedia

Makhdoom Sahib Overview

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Makhdoom Sahib is a distinguished Islamic shrine, which lies below the Mughal Fort, towards the south of Hari Parbat. It is amongst the most famous shrines of the valley of Kashmir. The mosque is named after the revered Sufi saint Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom, who was known by different names like Makhdoom Sahib, Hazrat Sultan, Sultan-ul-Arifeen and Mehboob-ul-Alam.

Built in typical Mughal architectural style, this two-storey edifice looks impressive in appearance. Several pillars support the structure of this mosque and add to its architectural splendour. Devotees frequent this celebrated shrine throughout the year.

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