Kashmir Shawl Museum in Srinagar

Endless options, take your pick!

Endless options, take your pick!

Kashmir Shawl Museum Overview

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One cannot come to Srinagar and not indulge in a bout of shopping for Kashmiri handicrafts craved the world over! It is truly an expression of art at its best.

You shouldn’t leave Srinagar without a Pashmina shawl. The Kashmir Shawl Museum is the best place for this buy. The most vital constituent of the Kashmiri craftsmanship, immense effort goes into creating these shawls, sometimes up to 10 months. Authentic Kashmiri carpets are most sought-after by shoppers and art collectors alike as they are completely handmade.

To check the authenticity of a Pashmina shawl, don’t forget to look for the weaver’s signature in Urdu woven in to one of the corners of the shawl.

Don't Forget to Buy

  • Pashmina shawls
  • Kashmiri carpets
  • Walnut handicrafts
  • Papier-mâché ring boxes
  • Flower vases and bowls
  • Kangri (a woven basket with earthen pot inside)

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