Krishnasar Lake in Sonmarg

Krishnasar Lake Overview

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Krishnasar Lake is a high-altitude alpine water body, nestled at an altitude of 3801 metres near Sonamarg. This beautiful lake is encompassed by snow-laden mountains and alpine forests, which together form a breathtaking landscape. It stretches up to a kilometre, with a width of more than 500 metres.

During the winter season, the water on the surface freezes and forms a crystal clear layer. Home to the brown trout – a variety of salmonid fish, this lake is a paradise for angling and trout fishing. Owing to this, the lake is a favourite haunt of those who like fishing. Krishnasar Lake can be reached by taking the scenic trek route that passes through Nichinai Pass.

  • Photo Opp

    The picturesque scenery of this lake and its surroundings attracts visitors to click several beautiful photographs. They can take snapshots of the snow-clad peaks, alpine and shimmering water of the lake.

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