St. Mary's Church in Shimla

St. Mary's Church Overview

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St. Mary's Church is located at Kotgarh, around 74 km away from Shimla. Constructed in 1873, this wooden church has a quaint charm that attracts devotees as well as tourists.

The graveyard within the church's premises is an enigma for onlookers. The path leading to the church, which passes through beautiful hills, mustard fields and the historic place of Thanedar, is an attraction in itself. Thanedar is the place where Samuel Stokes planted India's first apple orchard in 1916.

  • Photo Opp

    The surroundings of St. Mary's Church and the path leading to it are beautiful. The expansive mustard fields and splendid blue hills make picturesque backdrops of amazing photos.
  • Entrance Fee Free

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Thanedar-Kotgarh, Shimla, 171001, Himachal Pradesh