Luturu Mahadev Temple in Shimla

Luturu Mahadev Temple Overview

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Luturu Mahadev Temple, located around 4 km away from Solan district, is perched atop a lofty mountain. Raja of Bhagal constructed the beautiful Shikhara architectural style temple in the year 1621. Legend has it that Lord Shiva appeared in the king's dream and asked him to construct a temple on top of the hill.

This shrine, housing a Shiva Lingam (black stone symbolising Lord Shiva), attracts a number of devotees during the festival of Mahashivratri. The temple is an amazing testimony to the hard work of the Rajputs as it was built on rough terrains and at the time when no modern machinery was available.

The path leading to this shrine is challenging, but the spiritual enthusiasm keeps the pilgrims energetic all the way to overcome every hindrance. From the temple, visitors can behold spectacular sights of the surrounding landscape.

  • Photo Opp

    The unique Shikhara architectural style of Luturu Mahadev Temple compels visitors to click pictures of the shrine from different angles. The surroundings are bestowed with imposing hills and dense flora that make for astounding photographs. Make sure to carry a mega-zoom camera to click distant landscape.

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