Destination Snapshot

  • Travel Style

  • Adventure Buffs
  • Lovebirds
  • Family Fun
    • Language

      Himachali and Hindi
    • Altitude

      2,202 metres above sea level
    • Time zone

      IST (UTC+5.5 hours)
    • Theme


A charming little hill station in the Himalayas, Shimla is a tourist’s delight with its colonial structures, temple-topped mountains and bustling bazaars

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You will like

  • Toy Train

    You will absolutely love the toy train that slowly goes up the mountains, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayan scenery.

  • The Mall

    Meet the locals as they catch up over evening tea and gossip at ‘Scandal Point’. This is the indisputable hub of Shimla, bustling with restaurants, cafes and shops.

  • Shopping

    You will enjoy some great local mountain shopping here. Pick up wooden wares at the Lakkar Bazaar, shawls, scarves and colourful socks from emporia at the Mall, or silver trinkets and miniature Buddhist paintings from Tibetan shops.

  • Viceregal Lodge

    This lodge is a Baronial mansion, which is now a symbol of colonial Shimla, built in Elizabethan style. A unicorn and a lion guard its manicured lawns and the interiors sport beautiful wooden carvings.

Be prepared

  • Commercialization

    A very popular hill station since decades, in the name of development Shimla has also undergone a lot of commercialization that sometimes takes away from its quaint charm.

Describing It

Reminiscent of colonial times, Shimla is a lovely hill station with its Victorian structures, ancient temples, stone churches and the ever so busy Mall Road. All of this, surrounded by the snow peaked Himalayas.

Established as the British summer capital in the year 1817, Shimla was a favourite with the Sahebs from the time of the Raj. You will find symbols of this era scattered all through the town in places like Annadale, the Viceregal Lodge and the glorious Georgian houses. Make a visit to The Gaiety Theatre that still holds performances or the state museum that displays ‘Company Paintings’ to really understand what we are talking about.

The Mall Road is the hub of all activity with a vibrant line up of shops and restaurants. Head to Lakkar Bazaar for a quintessential mountain bazaar experience.

If you find the main area a tad too commercialized, walk off just a little and you will be pleasantly surprised with charming little stone churches, gothic turrets and spires and beautiful wooden cottages. If you really want to get away from all chatter then Shimla also offers serene trekking routes and getaways at close distance such as Kasauli, Chail or Naldera.

Shimla offers awesome views of the snow topped mountains and on a clear day, you can spend hours staring at the peaks, changing colour as the day ends.