Places To Eat in Scotland

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  • The Kitchin

    The Kitchin

    One of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, The Kitchin offers excellent food and exceptional service coupled with a warm ambience. It’s not the place but the food that will entice you more here! ...

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  • The Wee Curry Shop

    The Wee Curry Shop

    Savour rich Indian curries at affordable prices while you vacation in Scotland. Serving sumptuous chicken as well as vegetarian dishes, this is a hot-spot for many tourists. It is wise to book your table in advance as it can accommodate a few people only. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Centotre


    Fresh produce imported weekly from Milan, relish the authentic bread and pastas set amidst the fancy hall adorned in fuchsia pink! ...

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  • Dil’se


    One of the finest restaurants in the Dundee region, Dil’se is a family-run restaurant where you can choose from a wide variety of Bangladeshi as well as Indian dishes. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Café Royal Oyster Bar

    Café Royal Oyster Bar

    Enjoy a fine-dining experience in a Victorian style restaurant adorned with marble floors, stained glass and beautiful tiles. Taste authentic seafood complemented by a great ambience. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Mums


    A warm and cosy place to hang out at and munch light snacks like pancakes, sausage, haggis along with a drink or two! ...

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  • Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

    Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

    The Scots are known for their exotic food. Haggis, a tempting snack made out of lamb meat, minced with onion, oatmeal, spices, salt and fresh stock - all cooked together in a sheep’s stomach. Once cooked, it is served with mashed turnip or potato. ...

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