Museums in Scotland

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  • National Museum of Scotland

    National Museum of Scotland

    Meet Dolly the sheep, the first animal to be cloned at the National Museum of Scotland. Unlike other museums, a visit to the National Museum of Scotland is quite interesting. Learn more about Scottish history as you engage in different interactive as well as informative displays of antique collections here. ...

  • Edinburgh Museum of Childhood

    Edinburgh Museum of Childhood

    Established in 1955, Museum of Childhood showcases several toys and games of different generations. People of all ages, especially children, often come here to dress in different costumes, play games and watch video presentations. Spread across five floors, this museum is one of the most popular attractions in Edinburgh. ...

    Museum For Kids
  • The Gallery of Modern Art

    The Gallery of Modern Art

    Housed in an 18th-century building, The Gallery of Modern Art is centrally located in Glasgow. Watch some inspiring programmes of temporary exhibitions that feature works of locals as well as international artists. This includes painting, sculpture, prints, photography, video and many other art forms. Apart from the gallery, there is ...