Scotland FAQs

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Area geography

Located in the northern side of Great Britain, much of the land in Scotland is hilly, especially the north-western part of the country. Though Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two main and the largest cities, other cities that are often visited by travellers include Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Oban.

Scotland’s coastline boasts of many cliffs and beaches. There are over 790 islands that are majorly clustered into two groups- Northern Isles and Western Isles. The country is home to many lakes and rivers namely, Tay, Forth, Clyde, Dee, Don, Spey and Ness (which is the most popular of all, owing to the Lochness Monster).

Notes currencies cards

The currency used in Scotland is Pound Sterling (also known as Pound). For the latest currency exchange rates, log on to

ATMs are widely spread throughout all the cities. Also, all major international debit and credit cards are accepted at most of the hotels and restaurants.

Cellular service for tourists

Scotland has a good mobile service with several international players operating their networks. The two main mobile service providers here are Dundee Cellular Services and RoamSimple. Tourists can easily buy the Europe SIM Card to call both locally and internationally.

Wifi internet

Internet connectivity is good in Scotland. Most hotels and shopping centers offer Wi-Fi services. Internet is also available on mobile devices by the service providers.

Drinking laws

The legal age for alcohol consumption in Scotland is 18 years.


If someone serves you well, do not hesitate to serve them in return. Tipping is often welcomed by taxi drivers and at different restaurants here. In case of restaurants that do not include a service charge, it is customary to give a tip of 10-15% of the bill. Also, porters of top hotels do expect a tip.

Custom visa

There are few rules which one must follow when travelling to Scotland:

  • The traveller’s valid passport with a validity of at least six months
  • All travellers must meet UK immigration regulations
  • Travel insurance for all medical emergencies

The most reliable source from where you can get all visa related information is the UK embassy in your country.

Declarations and Allowances:

If you are carrying cash equivalent to or more than 10,000 Euros (amount equivalent in other currencies also), you must declare on a duplicate form C9011 and post the completed top copy - 'Copy 1' - in the drop-box at the airport. For detailed information on declaration and allowances, visit    

Prohibited and Restricted Goods:

Illicit drugs, flick and gravity knives, self-defense sprays such as pepper, CS gas sprays, stun guns, obscene material, pirated and patent-infringing goods, firearms, explosives and ammunition, realistic imitation firearms, offensive weapons including swords with a curved blade exceeding 50 cm in length, live animals, endangered animals or plants, souvenirs made from endangered species' fur skins and articles made from fur skin, radio transmitters, rough diamonds are all banned goods. For a detailed list of all the restricted and banned items, visit


Scotland is a safe country to travel to as crime rate is relatively low here. However, it is wise to be alert and use your common sense while exploring different parts of Scotland. Scotland requires health insurance coverage in case of an unforeseen accident.

General information

Languages spoken

English, Scottish Gaelic

Time zones

IST - 4.5 hours

Major religions

Christianity is the main religion followed everywhere in Scotland. However, there are large numbers of Judaism followers in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Domestic international calling codes

Domestic calling code:
• Aberdeen- 1224
• Dundee- 1382
• Edinburgh- 131
• Glasgow- 141

Electricity standards

240 V; Square-pin sockets for 3, 5 and 13 amp fuses.

Emergency numbers

General Emergency – 112/999

Police –General- 101

Police- Crime- 0800 555 111

Police-Disabled - 1 800 1 101

Fire – 0800 0731 999

Hospital – (910) 291-7000

Drumchapel Hospital

Drumchapel Road, Glasgow, Tel: +44 141 211 6000

Lightburn Hospital

Carntyne Road, Glasgow, Tel: +141 211 1500

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Midlothian, Edinburgh, Tel: +131 537 6000

Royal Cornhill Hospital

Aberdeen City, Tel: +44 845 456 6000

St Leonard's Police Station

14 St Leonard's Ln, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 9QW, Tel: +44 131 662 5000

Strathclyde Police Headquarters

173 Pitt St, Glasgow, G2 4JS, Tel: +44 141 532 2000

Grampian Police

Police Headquarters, Queen Street, Aberdeen AB10 1ZA, Tel: +44 845 600 5700

Lost Credit Cards

Bank of Scotland: +845 300 0344                 , RBC Royal Bank: 1-800-769-2512