Things to Do in Saputara

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  • Saputara Monsoon Festival

    Saputara Monsoon Festival

    Every year, Gujarat tourism organises a grand monsoon festival in order to promote Saputara as an upcoming tourist destination focussing on its natural beauty and cultural activities.

    You can enjoy heritage walks, food fiestas, water sports, laser and other cultural shows at this festival and become part ...

  • Dang Darbar

    Dang Darbar

    Every year, prior to Holi, this religious festival (also known as Janambadi Darbar) is celebrated with a huge uproar.

    Enjoy the spectacular Garba performances, theatre, traditional songs which form the major attraction of this fair. Tribals dress-up in colourful outfits and enthusiastically participate in this festival. ...

  • Echo Point

    Echo Point

    Echo Point is a famous vantage point and picnic haunt in Saputara, which attracts a horde of locals as well as tourists. As the name suggests, visitors coming to this place can hear the echo of their voice.

    This viewpoint offers a splendid vista of the ...

  • Forest Log Huts

    Forest Log Huts

    The Forest Log Huts of Saputara offer a unique retreat during a visit to this beautiful hill station. Set amidst scenic and serene surroundings, these log huts provide a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    What sets the log huts apart from ...

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  • Forest Nursery

    Forest Nursery

    The Forest Nursery is an environment-conservation initiative by the Forest Department of Saputara. This nursery has a rich collection of flowering plants, fruit trees, creepers and several other forms of flora. It boasts of a variety of Hibiscus flowers that blooms amidst lush surroundings. Visitors coming to this forest nursery ...

  • Gira Waterfalls

    Gira Waterfalls

    Gira Waterfalls are a beautiful seasonal cascade situated in a verdant setting, about 50 km away from Saputara. This waterfall is formed by the watercourse of the Gira River after it falls from 75 feet high cliff. The water spills over the cliff at a very high speed, which creates ...

    Lake and Waterfall
  • Lake Garden

    Lake Garden

    Lying along the banks of Saputara Lake, the Lake Garden is a popular picnic spot of the tranquil hill station. This well-manicured garden has a vast stretch of eye-soothing greenery that makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy. Some rare varieties of plants and trees are also present ...

  • Rose Garden

    Rose Garden

    The Rose Garden is a famous tourist spot in Saputara, which boasts of having many beautiful parks and gardens. Evident from the name, this garden is known for its exquisite rose plantations that attract many visitors year-round.

    Several varieties of roses are planted all across this ...

  • Saputara Lake

    Saputara Lake

    Nestled in the heart of the beautiful hill station, the Saputara Lake attracts a horde of visitors year-round. The lake is encompassed by undulating hills and lush greenery, which make it a picturesque place to relax and rejoice. It also offers a distant panorama of the majestic Sahyadri Hills, which ...

    Lake and Waterfall
  • Saputara Tribal Museum

    Saputara Tribal Museum

    Saputara Tribal Museum is a wonderful initiative that attempts at introducing people to the splendid heritage of Dang's native tribes. The museum has an assortment of precious artefacts that provides insight into the rich culture and lifestyle of these tribal people. Not only traditions, but this museum also acquaints visitors ...

  • Sunset Point

    Sunset Point

    Gandhi Shikhar, popularly known as the Sunset Point, is a prominent attraction in the scenic hill station of Saputara. This vantage point earns recognition for offering stunning vista of the sunset.

    As the evening approaches, the sky is painted with an orange hue of the setting ...

  • Waghai Botanical Garden

    Waghai Botanical Garden

    Waghai Botanical Garden is a man-made garden and biodiversity conservation centre, which covers an area of 24 hectares. It houses more than 1400 species of Indian flora, which include several endemic and exotic plants.

    The highlight of this garden is an extensive bamboo plantation that consists ...

  • Hatgadh Fort

    Hatgadh Fort

    Situated on the state border between Gujarat and Maharashtra, near Saputara, the Hatgadh Fort is an ancient citadel that overlooks some splendid landscapes. This fort is perched at a height of 3600 feet and is accessible by a narrow rocky path.

    The history of this fort ...

  • Honey Bees Centre

    Honey Bees Centre

    The Honey Bees Centre is a popular place in the hill station of Saputara, which boasts of a variety of attractions. This apiculture centre is famous for rearing and breeding honey bees in order to collect honey in its purest form.

    Visitors also get an ...

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  • Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

    Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

    Situated on the southern tip of Saputara Lake, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is the most celebrated shrine of the hill station. The prime deity of this shrine is Lord Shiva, who is worshipped here as the God of snakes (Nageshwar).

    This beautiful temple enshrines Lord Shiva's Swayambhu ...

  • Pandava Gufa

    Pandava Gufa

    Pandava Gufa in Saputara is a religious destination, which forms an important part of every tour itinerary of this hill station. This group of natural caves is named after Pandavas – the five mighty warrior brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

    People believe that during their ...

  • Step Garden

    Step Garden

    The Step Garden is a unique picnic spot in the hill station of Saputara, which is known for its well-maintained parks and gardens. It resembles a terrace garden and is recognised for its well-arranged steps.

    Many plants and flowers are planted on these steps, some of ...

  • Sunrise Point

    Sunrise Point

    Sunrise Point, also known as the Valley View Point, is a famous sightseeing spot in the hill station of Saputara. This point is known for the splendid view at the time of sunrise, when the clear morning lights up in a beautiful orange hue.

    Situated on ...

  • Townview Point

    Townview Point

    A prominent tourist attraction of Saputara, the Townview Point is known for the fabulous aerial view it offers of the town. Situated at a higher altitude than the main town, this vantage point is the perfect spot to behold the scenic beauty of the entire hill station.