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  • First Timers
  • Lovebirds
  • Family Fun
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    • Language

      Gujarati, Hindi
    • Altitude

      1000 metres
    • Time zone

      GMT + 05.30 hours
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The misty air, the stunning waterfalls and the gorgeous sunset views; Saputara is a haven for travellers looking for a breath of fresh air, away from the busy city life.

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You will like

  • Boating at Saputara Lake

    Amidst the green landscape is the Saputara Lake, where you can enjoy boating (row or paddle) and soak in the scenic views.

  • Pushpak Ropeway

    Believed to the longest ropeway in India, this is one of the main highlights in Saputara and many people take joy rides (via this ropeway) to reach the Sunset point.

  • Adventure Activities

    Paragliding, parasailing, zip-lining, zorbing, water sports and high roping; you name it you'll find it in Saputara.

Be prepared

  • No Nightlife

    If you are keen to spend the night sipping your favourite drink, you might want to look for another alternative. Drinking alcohol is completely banned in the entire state of Gujarat.

Describing It

Perched atop the gigantic Sahyadri mountain range, the picturesque hill station of Saputara is located in Gujarat.Whether it is the green landscape, gardens, hills or the Saputara Lake; get ready to surrender yourself to nature. Deriving its name from the snake god being worshipped by the town’s tribal clan, Saputara is often known as the abode of serpents. The town has many historical and religious significance. One of the famous legends being that Lord Rama stayed here for the longest period of time during his exile.

Take a fun ride at the famous Pushpak ropeway, paddle a boat at the lake side, trek through the dense forests, brace up for the adventure activities (especially rock climbing and paragliding), stroll through the landscape gardens or watch the gushing waterfalls at Gira; there is a lot to be delighted at every step in Saputara. Get acquainted with Saputara’s cultural side as you visit the tribal museum and the artists’ village.

For offbeat travel, you can also opt for a camping stay instead of a regular hotel accommodation. Go for excursions to nearby wildlife sanctuaries but make sure you plan in advance for this. Savour on the tasty North-Indian and Gujarati delights at the many eateries and restaurants in Saputara. And lastly, don’t forget to shop for rare tribal artefacts, wood carvings, honey and Warli paintings (an exclusive tribal painting in white) from here.