Restaurants in Pushkar

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  • Honey & Spice

    Honey & Spice

    Honey and Spice is one of the best restaurants in Pushkar and boasts of a great organic food menu. This is the place where you can enjoy your fruit juices and shakes without having to worry about getting sick. And yes, everything is very reasonably priced as well. ...

    Restaurant Vegetarian
  • The Laughing Buddha Café

    The Laughing Buddha Café

    Good food and delicious drinks apart, this café is a great place to just hang out and relax with friends. Try your hand at a game of carrom, meet other travellers, and just sit by to watch the world go by. ...

  • Te…Lawala


    Enjoy traditional Indian street food here. The food served here is not just tasty but hygienic as well. Besides that, the dishes are economically priced and the service is quite good. ...

    Restaurant Vegetarian
  • Funky Monkey Café

    Funky Monkey Café

    Savour on some authentic coffee in Pushkar at this roadside eatery. Funky Monkey is a popular hangout area where you can enjoy a great cuppa along side reading book/newspaper or watching a movie on the television. ...

  • The Rasta Café

    The Rasta Café

    This cafe is not far away from Pushkar’s main market place. People often visit The Rasta Café for not just delicious food but the beautiful views that it offers of the town and sunsets.

    Although the ambience is slightly laid-back, you'd love to sip on ...

  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense

    No, the name of this restaurant is not inspired by M Night Shyamalan's movie, but it is a popular dinning place in Pushkar The restaurant offers beautiful views of the valley, along with tasty vegetarian thalis. ...