Bharati Park or Government Park in Pondicherry

Stop over at Bharati Park for some moments of peace

Stop over at Bharati Park for some moments of peace | Photo credit: BishkekRocks / Wikipedia

Bharati Park or Government Park Overview

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A visit to one of the greenest attractions in Pondicherry - the Government Park must not be missed. Also known as Bharati Park, this scenic spot is an ideal place for spending moments of repose with friends and family.

Apart from the green expanse, what attracts many visitors to this park is the famous monument of Aayi Mandapam. Important government buildings of Pondicherry surround this park. Worth-mentioning among them are the Lt. Governor's Palace, Government Hospital, the Legislative Assembly, the Cercle de Pondichéry private club and Ashram Dining Room.

Graced with beautifully manicured gardens, this park serves as one of the finest picnic spots in the town.

  • Opening Closing Time 8 am – 8 pm (Daily)

  • Photo Opp

    Bharati Park is one of the worth-visiting places for leisure travellers coming to Pondicherry. Beautified with lush trees and painstakingly manicured gardens, this park offers the best settings for photography.
  • For Kids

    This park is a wonderful picnic spot. The green lawns serve as a huge playground for young visitors. For every visitor, whether young or old, a fun-filled experience is guaranteed at this park.
  • Entrance Fee Free Entry

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