Transportation in Pisa

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  • Bus

    Pisa’s main bus terminal is conveniently located opposite to the airport. Bus services (especially the Red Line) are quite regular and buses ply every every15 minutes in Pisa. You can easily travel to the Piazza dei Miracoli square and the central station via bus. If you don’t speak Italian, you should buy bus tickets from the information desk, convenience stores and book shops since ticket vending machines have instructions only in Italian. Bus tickets will cost you as less as €2. Do remember that each bus ticket is valid for 30 minutes only.

  • Taxi

    If you are travelling in a group, you might want to book a cab or hire a taxi. This is not just convenient, but cheaper with the average cost per person amounting to €2-3 approximately. Also, you can get a lift by referring to the website ,which offers great carpooling options.

  • On foot

    Being a small city, Pisa can be best explored on foot. With most of the tourist attractions including the ‘Field of Miracles’ being closely located in Piazza dei Miracoli sqaure, most visitors prefer to walk within the city and enjoy the various sights en route.