Things to Do in Nubra Valley

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  • Diskit Monastery

    Diskit Monastery

    Diskit Monastery is old; close to seven centuries. The monastery was set up by Changzem Tserab Zangpo and acts as a sub-monastery to Thiksey Monastery in Leh. It belongs to the Gelukpa order of Buddhism. The verandah on the mid-level adorns a mega-sized prayer wheel.

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  • Samstanling Monastery

    Samstanling Monastery

    It's hard to believe but Samstanling Monastery has many little children (little lamas) learning about the good things in life. They debate on universal truths, indulge in Buddhist dances, and live a beautiful life. The monastery’s caretaker takes a lot of pleasure in showing tourists around and tries to narrate ...

  • Hot Springs of Panamik

    Hot Springs of Panamik

    The springs of the Panamik are different from others in its category. However, they are slowly being developed into a tourist attraction. The down side: they are Sulphur springs and don’t really smell pleasant. These are 150 kilometres away from Leh town. ...

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  • Sand Dunes of Hunder

    Sand Dunes of Hunder

    Close to 150 kilometres from Leh town, one cannot expect sand dunes at such a height. The sand dunes, from a view point on the road from Diskit, make for a beautiful sight. Once you are at the site, enjoy riding the two-humped Bactrian camels, which are exclusive to ...

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