Nubra Valley FAQs

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Notes currencies cards

Nubra Valley does not have any ATMs. However, there are several ATMs in the Leh market, including two SBI ATMs, a J&K Bank ATM, and a PNB ATM. Make sure you take out enough cash for your trip to Nubra Valley.

Cellular service for tourists

Prepaid mobile phones do not work in Nubra Valley. A postpaid connection is necessary. Connectivity is a big issue in Nubra Valley and you’ll seldom get a clean signal.

Wifi internet

Wi-Fi connectivity is available in Leh only. Nubra valley is still far away from a good Wi-Fi signal.

Drinking laws

Drinking is not prohibited in Nubra Valley. However, we recommend that you drink moderately at such a height. Liquor causes a lot of dehydration. At this height, it might mean acute headaches and nausea. Have fun, but go easy on alcohol here.


Ten percent of the bill as tip is more than enough at restaurants. Drivers can be tipped with Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 depending on the length of drive you undertake.


The valley is very safe. Most foreign tourists book their trips to Nubra Valley (and back) in Leh itself. That’s the best way to go about it. We suggest you to carry warm clothing, take care of yourself from the weather, and stay at reputed camps and cottages only.

General information

Languages spoken

Balti, English, Ladakhi, Nepali, Hindi

Time zones

India (UTC + 5:30)

Major religions

Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

230 V, 2 pin/3 pin round plug sockets are generally installed in all hotels. So carry adapters as per your requirement.

Common greetings

The most common greeting is “Juley!” that people use both for greeting each other and for saying goodbyes. Locals generally converse in Ladakhi, which you might not understand. However, they all understand Hindi very well so you would not have a problem finding your way around in Leh or around it.

Good Morning: Juley

Good Evening: Juley

Goodbye: Juley

Thank you: Dhanyawaad

Sorry: Maf kijiye

Do you speak English?: English aati?

I don't understand: Smajh nahi aayaa

No: nai

Yes: haan

I don’t know: nahi pata

How are you?: Kaisa hai aap

What is your name?: Naam kya hai aapka

My name is: Mera naam………

Where is the washroom?: toilet kahaan hai

Is this vegetarian? (Point to a dish in a menu card): Vegetarian hai?

Where is this? (Point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): yeh kahaan hai?

How much does this cost?: Kitne ka hai/How much?

Too expensive!: bahut mehenga hai

A little cheaper: thoda kam karo


Emergency numbers

Deputy Director Tourism, Leh: 01982-252094, 01982-252297

Tourist Officer, Kargil: 01985- 2532721, 01985-232328 (Fax)

Police: +91-1982-255500 

Senior Superintendent of Police: +91-1982-254881

Superintendent of Police: +91-1982-251026

Sr. Superintendent of Police: +91-1982-252200

District Information Officer: +91-1982-252829

Leh (Ladakh) Airport Contact: +91-1982-253076

Foreigner’s Registration Office: +91-1982-252200, Sonam Norboo Memorial (SNM) Hospital: 01982-252014 / 252360 (