Sonam’s Momos in Nainital

Momos and <i>thukpa</i> are the specialty at Sonam's Momos!

Momos and thukpa are the specialty at Sonam's Momos!

Sonam’s Momos Overview

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Located right in the middle of the Tibetan Market in Mallital, Sonam is known for its mouth-watering vegetarian and mutton momos and thukpa – the most popular Tibetan delicacies. The eatery is located inside the crowded Tibetan market and is hard to miss.

While shopping in Mallital, this is the perfect place to enjoy a quick mini meal. Bear in mind that with the growing popularity and limited space, it is heavily crowded during most times, especially evenings.

Recommended Dishes

  • Momos
  • Thukpa

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Tibetan Market, Mallital, Nainital