Mahabaleshwar Temple in Mysore

Mahabaleshwar Temple Overview

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Mahabaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the oldest religious edifices in Mysore that attracts countless devotees every year. It is situated atop the Chamundi Hills and is popularly known as Mahabaladri or Mahabala Thirtha, meaning Hills of Lord Shiva.

The origin of this ancient temple dates back to AD 950, when Ganga kings used to rule the city. Historians believe that Hoysalas renovated the shrine in the later years. The mighty ruler Vishnuvardhana is one of the notable names in the list of Hoysala rulers who made significant contribution in the establishment of this temple. Additions that were made to the temple by Hoysala rulers include the ardha mandapa and navaranga.

There are beautiful statues of Hindu Gods including Vishnu, Nataraja, Parvati (consort of Lord Shiva), Bhairava and Sapta Matrikas inside the temple. Also kept here are idols of Lord Indra, Bhikshatana Shiva and Lord Brahma.

  • Opening Closing Time 6 am - 12 pm
    4 pm - 8 pm
    Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    The temple, owing to its beautiful location, is an ideal place for photography. Its impressive exteriors and splendid surroundings are worth capturing.
  • Entrance Fee Free Entry

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