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Aranya Naturals Overview

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Aranya Naturals is a natural dyeing unit that forms a part of Srishti Welfare Centre – a Tata initiative in Munnar. The idea behind its formation took birth in 1994, when the need was realised to save the rich Indian craft of dyeing clothes naturally. Another aim behind its formation was providing employment to the differently-abled youngsters from Srishti's rehabilitation unit named Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education (DARE). It is known for the production of exquisite fabrics using environment-friendly techniques and non-toxic products. In present times, products by Aranya Naturals are in huge demand all over the world.

Fashion aficionados can purchase saris, shirt materials, stoles, shawls and various other apparel at this centre. Designed using ethnic dyeing techniques and vibrant colours, these clothes never fail to impress onlookers. Heritage crafts like Batik, Tie and Dye, Shibori, Mordant Painting and Block Printing are used to create meticulous designs on the fabric. Raw materials used for the colouring include catechu, lac, manjista, turmeric, eucalyptus and other natural ingredients.

International research papers about the delicate art have been published by Aranya Naturals, which has also been a part of several known exhibitions and seminars. It works in collaborations with known designers and has an impressive clientele across the globe. Owing to its philanthropic activities and internationally praised designs, the dyeing unit has earned several awards and accolades. Some of these awards include the ones by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Business World Magazine.

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  • Cotton and silk clothes in beautiful hues Saris and stoles made using Tie and Dye Woollen garments with Mordant Printing Apparel with traditional Batik prints Block-printed clothes in natural colours Fabrics with Japanese Shibori designs
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Srishti Welfare Centre, Tata Global Beverages Limited, Nullatanni Estate Road, Munnar, 685612, Kerala