Mount Abu FAQs

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Area geography

The only hill station in the deserts of Rajasthan, Mount Abu comes up with a pleasant surprise of rivers, verdant hills, and a lake right in the middle of the Thar. The highest point on the hill station (Guru Shikhar, measures about 1,722 metres) is not more than 25 square kilometres in area.

Wifi internet

Wi-Fi is available in hotels and restaurants and may be free or available at a nominal cost.

Drinking laws

Drinking is prohibited in Mount Abu for all under the age of 21.


Tipping is not mandatory in the city, but 10% of your total bill can be left as tip if you like the services of a restaurant or the hotel staff.


Mount Abu is a safe place to be and there are no tourist traps as such here. However, do take care of your belongings and do not leave your valuables, like passports and cameras, back at the hotel.

General information

Languages spoken

Hindi, English, Rajasthani

Time zones

IST (UTC+5.30 hours)

Major religions

Hinduism, Jainism

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

220 V | 50 Hz AC

Common greetings

1. Hello/Good Morning/Good Evening – Khamma Ghani Sa, Ram Ram Sa

2. Goodbye – Padhaaro Sa

3. Thank you – Dhanyawaad Sa

4. Sorry – Maafi Sa

5. Do you speak English? – Angrezi samjho ho?

6. I don't understand – Manne samajh ko ni aave

7. No – Nai

8. Yes- Haan Sa

9. I don’t know – Manne Tha Koi Ni

10. How are you? – Kya Haal Sa?

11. What is your name? – Aapro naum kai hai?

12. My name is – Mhaaro naam

13. Where is the washroom? – Washroom katthe hai?

14. Is this vegetarian? ( point to a dish in a menu card) – Veg kai hai?

15. Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map) – Au katthe hai?

16. How much does this cost? – Kitte rau hai?

17. Too expensive! – Ghano mehengo hai!

18. A little cheaper – Thodo kam karo!


Emergency numbers

Police: +91-2974-243333/100

Fire: +91-2974-( 235127)/101

Ambulance: 102

Railway Enquiry: +91-2974-238697

Bus Enquiry: +91-2974-243434

Telecom Center: +91-2974-238935

Govt. Cottages: +91-2974-238935

Post Office: +91-2974-243170