River Beas in Manali

This holy river with stunning backdrops has attracted poets and sagas over time

This holy river with stunning backdrops has attracted poets and sagas over time | Photo credit: Raman Virdi/Flickr

River Beas Overview

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"The Beas River, also known as Vipasha in Sanskrit, flows in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. From its originating point (4361 m) in the Himalayas, this holy river passes through lush evergreen forests and hills before reaching Punjab. Here, it embraces the Satluj River and finally enters the territory of Pakistan, covering a total length of around 470 km. The river is the main drinking water source of the population living in Kullu, Mandi and Kangra regions.

The river bears testimony of many documented and undocumented historical events. It was the eastern limit of Alexander the Great's invasion of India in 326 BC. The tranquil environs of the river and riversides have incited many great sages, including Vashisht, Narad, Vishwamitra, Vyas, Prashar and Parshuram to meditate in the ancient times. Even today, the River Beas reflects the same charm, attracting tourists and pilgrims from different parts of the country to pay it a visit once in their lifetime. "

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise – Sunset. Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    When the backdrop is a large clearwater river, your pictures can never go unnoticed! Surrounded by timbered hills, this river is no doubt, every nature lover's delight.
  • Movie Connect

    Not only has the River Beas attracted poets and sages, it has drawn interests of filmmakers, as well. The most famous movie shot here is Krrish (2006) starring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.
  • Entrance Fee Free

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