Activities in Maldives

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  • Sea Diving

    Sea Diving

    If the thought of disappearing beneath the coral islands excites you, Maldives has got to be your dream destination! Surrounded by the seas on all sides, the enchanting atolls of Maldives are the perfect place for adventurers to lose sight of land and levitate their souls as they take a ...

  • Water Sports

    Water Sports

    Being one of the most sought after beach destinations in the world, Maldives offers plenty of water sports opportunities. You can indulge in activities like canoeing, knee boarding, kite surfing, wake boarding, wind surfing, water skiing, parasailing and banana boat rides. Set yourself free into the ocean for some water ...

  • Whale/Dolphin Watching

    Whale/Dolphin Watching

    Maldives opens to you an array of whale and dolphin watching opportunities. It finds its place in the top 5 whale and dolphin watching destinations across the globe and its glistening coastline is home to over 20 different species of whales and dolphins.

    Ranging from the sprightly Spinner ...

  • Spa and Relaxation

    Spa and Relaxation

    Maldives is synonymous with sheer indulgence; immerse yourself in pure luxury with the island resorts ready to pamper you with sophisticated spa therapies and massages. Most of the resorts in Madives offer complete wellness experience and have excellent sauna and spa facilities. Get rejuvenated! Some of the recommended spas in ...

  • Submarine Tour

    Submarine Tour

    This excursion is specially recommended for non-divers who wish to explore the beauty of the underwater world in Maldives. Enjoy magnificent views of the reef and see rare species of fish, turtles and shark rays in their natural habitat.

    It is a great way to explore the underwater ...

    Adventure For Kids Tour
  • Cruise


    You can go on a half day, full day or long stay cruise in Maldives and explore the beautiful country and its many islands. If you like you can opt for a snorkellingsnorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, explore the sandy beaches, or just kick back and relax ...

  • Catamaran Sailing

    Catamaran Sailing

    A luxurious way to discover the many atolls of Maldives, sailing in a Catamaran is an experience like none other. Cruise the high seas surrounded by turquoise waters and picturesque vistas. The Catamaran cruise is spacious and offers comfort and luxury for visitors. ...

  • Private Fishing (For Couples)

    Private Fishing (For Couples)

    A remote and exotic location in Indian Ocean, the atolls of Maldives are ideal for fishing. Embark on a fishing expedition with your loved one.

    Or simply relax in the traditional boat and observe the marine life in clear waters. From marlin to sailfish, there are numerous ...

    Relaxation Romantic
  • Lover's Dhoni Ride

    Lover's Dhoni Ride

    See the beauty of early morning skies with a lover’s dhoni ride. Organized by many hotels, this ride will give you a chance to unravel the secrets of Maldives and become one with nature.

    Sunrise above the seas and clear blue skies – the memories of this experience will ...

  • Male’ City Tour

    Male’ City Tour

    The capital of Maldives has lots to offer. From Sultan Park and National Museum to Grand Friday Mosque, Male is filled with attractions. For shopping, Majeedhee and Chaandanee Magu have souvenirs and imported goods. You can also head to the fish market for a sneak peek into the lifestyle of ...

    Cultural Tour
  • Fishing


    Fishing is an essential part of Maldivian life, so much so that there are celebrations when a good catch is caught. Experience the joy of catching and cooking your own fish on a night reef fishing trip.

    Available at many resorts, these boats leave before sunset to find ...

  • Virgin Islands Excursion

    Virgin Islands Excursion

    Once you have caught a good catch head to a deserted island in the Maldives to eat and rejoice. With the whole island to yourself marvel at the untouched nature that surrounds you, take a walk along the pristine beaches and enjoy a swim in the azure waters. ...

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