The Nine Towers in Lucerne

The Nine Towers Overview

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If you wish to capture the best panoramic views of Lucerne city, you must visit the Nine Towers. Lined perfectly in a row, these are located within a 5 minute uphill walk. While only three towers namely, Schirmer, Zyt, and Maennli are open to the public and can be climbed; many people come here for a short walk on the outer wall of the city.

Together, the nine towers are also known by the name, Museggtürme, and were built in the time period between 1350 and 1408. It is a historical site and is part of the old city of Altstadt. The Zyt tower is part of the oldest city block and was built by Hans Luter. While you can visit this at your own pace, some guided tours are also available which charge a nominal fee and the timings of the same may vary from season to season. Make sure that you check before you plan to opt for a guided tour.

  • Opening Closing Time 12 noon to 8 pm
    Note that it is open from May to October only.

  • Entrance Fee Free<br /> Guided tour fee varies from vendor to vendor.

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