Landmarks in Lucerne

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  • Chapel Bridge

    Chapel Bridge

    This 700-year-old bridge situated on river Reuss is the most photographed subject in Lucerne. This bridge is not only a means of crossing the river but is also an interesting art gallery. The 14th century Chapel Bridge is famous for the painted roof panels that depict the most important events ...

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  • Mt. Pilatus

    Mt. Pilatus

    Mt. Pilatus, also called the Dragon Mountain, is thronged by hikers and nature walkers. But even if you’re not an adventurer, the beautiful vistas make it ideal for a day trip. The cable-car journey to the top of Mt. Pilatus at 7,000 feet is refreshing and the descent is even ...

  • KKL Lucerne Hall

    KKL Lucerne Hall

    Lucerne was once a humble fishermen’s village but because it’s strategically located as a gateway to Central Switzerland, it has undergone tremendous development. KKL Luzern is one such example. This culture and convention center is the architectural highlight of the city, thronged by food connoisseurs, art and nature lovers alike. ...

  • Hofkirche


    Dedicated to Saint Leger who was a French bishop and accidentally got blinded by a drill, Hofkirche was once the first monastery of Lucerne in the 8th century. However, in the 12th century, a beautiful Romanesque church was constructed here. Today, the church has its twin towers, post an accidental ...

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  • Lucerne Station

    Lucerne Station

    Centrally located in the city facing Lucerne Lake in the southern side, Lucerne Station is a terminal station that caters to both domestic as well as international routes via railway. It is the main hub of the rail network in the entire region of Switzerland. Once the station accidentally caught ...