Bourbaki Panorama in Lucerne

Travel through time and see history come alive at Bourbaki Panorama

Travel through time and see history come alive at Bourbaki Panorama | Photo credit: Wikimedia / Leiju

Bourbaki Panorama Overview

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It records the most heart-wrenching portrayal of the German French war. A stunning masterpiece measuring 112 metres by 10 metres, this circular painting is one of the most glorious preserves of European history. Dating back to the 9th century, this is the best replica of the blood bath during the German-French war of 1870-1871.

In the year 1925, the site was transformed into a car repair shop. However, between 1993 and 2006, the site was reconstructed, the painting was cleaned and a museum was opened which recorded European history narration. The museum is closely located to the Glacier Garden and narrates stories from the war, the spirit of the Bourbaki army and last but not the least about the panoramic painting. While you are here, get set to hear recordings including vociferous sounds of guns and cannons, men and stumbling horses and an overwhelming account of heroic deeds.

  • Opening Closing Time 10 am to 5 pm

  • Entrance Fee 8 Swiss Franc (Adults); 7 Swiss Franc (Senior Citizens); 5 Swiss Franc (Children) <br /> Note that entry for children below 5 years is free.

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