Bars and Pubs in Lucerne

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  • Stadtkeller Show

    Stadtkeller Show

    Spend an evening of fun with the family at the Stadtkeller Show. The highlight of the show is the traditional folk music with classical Swiss instruments like the Alp horn. The best part of the show is the musician’s interaction with the guests. If you’re lucky, you might even get ...

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  • Penthouse


    The rooftop bar lounge at Hotel Astoria offers stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. A fancy 5-star venue, it attracts a good mix of crowds. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail on a beautiful summer night. The ground floor of the hotel also has the Pravda ...

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  • Roadhouse


    An energetic British style bar, Roadhouse is usually swaying to young crowds. It’s a nice place to enjoy rock music as you sip on a glass of beer. If you like to take to the stage yourself, you can try the jamming sessions on Wednesday nights when visitors are welcome ...

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