Reversing Station in Lonavala and Khandala

Reversing Station is quite popular with picnic-goers

Reversing Station is quite popular with picnic-goers | Photo credit: Asif Saif

Reversing Station Overview

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Reversing Station is a remote tourist place, situated in the picturesque hill station of Khandala. This deserted site was used as an office by the railway department in the past. At present, it serves as a popular leisure spot and viewpoint of the region.

This vantage point offers a perfect vista of the Duke's Nose, which is a high cliff and a famous trekking destination. Outside tunnel number 26 of this station, a large advertising board of Amrutanjan is present.

This spot, known as the Amrutanjan Point, is famous for the beautiful views of Khopoli - an industrial town - it offers.

  • Photo Opp

    Offering fabulous views of surrounding regions, the Reversing Station is a perfect spot for photography. Tourists can click numerous snapshots while spending leisure time at this place.

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