Nagphani or Duke's Nose in Lonavala and Khandala

It's high altitude makes it an excellent vantage point

It's high altitude makes it an excellent vantage point | Photo credit: Alewis2388/wikimedia

Nagphani or Duke's Nose Overview

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Nagphani is a high cliff situated in the hill station of Khandala. The cliff attributes its name to its shape, which resembles a snake's hood (Nagphani). Another name of this cliff is Duke's Nose, owing to its supposed similarity to the nose of the Duke of Wellington.

The high altitude of this place makes it a wonderful vantage point. From here, visitors can enjoy the panorama of the low-lying valley, mountains and verdant forestation.

Pinnacles of the Sahyadri mountain range are clearly visible from the cliff. This site is also popular for thrilling activities like trekking, hiking and rock climbing, which attract many adventure enthusiasts.

  • Photo Opp

    Duke's Nose is a delightful destination for photography lovers as it offers picture-perfect views of the valley and Sahyadri mountain range. Every photograph clicked from this vantage point is sure to be an impressive one.
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