The Diskit Curio Shop in Leh

Pick a souvenir from the Diskit Curio Shop

Pick a souvenir from the Diskit Curio Shop

The Diskit Curio Shop Overview

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The Diskit Curio Shop doesn’t have anything you won't find at the Leh market at similar prices. But then, what would you tell people back home if they ask what you got for them from Nubra Valley?

This is the place to buy lucky charms, wooden Tibetan curios, prayer wheels, and prayer flags. And while the laid back lama shopkeeper looks around for your stuff, you can gulp down a bottle of tangy seabuckthorn juice also available at the shop.

Don't Forget to Buy

  • Prayer wheels
  • Prayer flags
  • Lucky charms

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Diskit Monastery, Nubra Valley