Matho Monastery in Leh

Matho Monastery Overview

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"Matho Monastery is a prominent religious centre and the only one in Ladakh that is affiliated to the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery was established during the 16th century by Lama Dugpa Dorje, alongside the Indus River. In present times, it is headed by a priest, who resides within the premises. This monastery earns recognition for being the venue of the annual Matho Nagrang festival, when ritualistic dances are performed here. Falling on the 14th and 15th day of the first month of Tibetan calendar, this festival is celebrated to mark the visit of two gods (Rongtsan) to this shrine. The main assembly hall of this monastery is accessible from the right of its courtyard. Inside the hall, visitors can see rows of seats and a main throne for Rinpoche. Four statues are present behind the throne, which belong to Maitreya, Avalokitesvara, Buddha and Shakyamuni. Guardians of the four directions are illustrated in the verandah while the entrance wall is adorned with pictorial depictions of Mahakal and several protecting deities. Another prized possession of this monastery is the collection of beautiful thangka paintings, which are more than 400 years old."

  • Photo Opp

    Overlooking the Indus River and adjoining valley, Matho Monastery provides ample of opportunities for photography. Click pictures of the whole monastery from a distance or capture its surrounding vistas in the camera, every snapshot is sure to be a distinct one.

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Matho, 194101, Jammu and Kashmir