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Come March and April, and you can actually walk on the frozen Pangong Tso Lake, where Hindi films like Dil Se and 3 Idiots were shot!


Best Time to Visit Leh

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Peak Season

April to June: April to June is one of the best times of the year to visit Leh. The sun shines bright and keeps the day temperatures warm. Leh has beautiful clear blue skies but do remember that the sun here has the intensity to carve out brand new noses for travellers who fail to wear a few layers of strong (with a 50+ SPF) sunscreen.

Leh showcases a different kind of frozen beauty in April in the form of snow-capped mountains, and frozen lakes that you can walk upon. Leh renders a different kind of feel as it recovers from the freezing winters.

July to August: The monsoon months, i.e. late July till end of August sometimes experience landslides and cloud bursts.

September to October: Starting September a kind of chill sets in Leh but the sun keeps shining. This is also a great time to go trekking.

November to February: People don’t prefer to travel to Leh during the winter months from November to February. The winters on the “roof of the world” can get unbearable. With the exception of the Liker to Kahltsey (Sham) trek, most trekking routes close down after November due to heavy snowfall. The Chadar trek is best conducted between January and mid-March.

Off Season

The monsoon months, i.e. late July till end of August and the winter months (November to February) are usually off season.