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The 4 hour trip takes you across three islands, the Dayang Bunting Island, Beras Basah Island and Singa Island. Enjoy watching the eagles soaring in the skies, dive into the waters to catch their prey (bits of chicken), which the boat drivers throw at the Singa Islands. It is a picture perfect moment when you see the eagles catch the prey. Dayang Bunting has an interesting legend which says that there was a fairy princess who lost her child and decided to lay her here. Since then the lake is blessed and any infertile woman can conceive after bathing in the lake. The trip end in Beras Basah Island, where one can relax after having a fun and exhausting day after trekking in the Dayang Bunting and eagle feeding. Swim and have a great time on the sandy beach of Beras Basah Island.

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