Rumah Penghulu in Kuala Lumpur

Rumah Penghulu Overview

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Rumah Penghulu is the the house of Penghulu Abu Seman bin Nayan, the head of the village in the state of Kedah back in 1924. The reason the Heritage Trust of Malaysia relocated the house in the heart of the city was because of the lack of traditional houses present in the city now. For RM 10, one can get a guided tour of the house. Take out about an hour to visit the beautiful wooden house and if you want to know how the house was shifted from the jungles of Perak to the centre of the city, you will find a short 20 minute video playing here. Photography is not allowed inside the house.

  • Opening Closing Time 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday

  • Entrance Fee RM 5 per person; RM 10 for a guided tour

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