Relaxation Points in Kuala Lumpur

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  • Boat Cruise on Putrajaya

    Boat Cruise on Putrajaya

    Take a leisurely boat cruise with your loved one as you cruise along one of Malaysia's myriad water bodies, Putrajaya Lake. Admire its picture-perfect surroundings or opt for a romantic boat ride for two on board the Malay styled gondola-like vessels, complete with your own personal boatman. ...

    Relaxation Romance
  • Kenko Fish Spa

    Kenko Fish Spa

    Let cute little fish nibble your feet as you go in for a foot reflexology and fish spa session at Kenko Fish Spa in KL. It will not only be a fun experience but will be quite relaxing and refreshing as well. It is advisable to take an appointment prior ...

  • Reborn Foot Reflexology Tui Na Massage

    Reborn Foot Reflexology Tui Na Massage

    Based on the Tui Na reflexology, a Chinese traditional form of therapeutic massage which focusses on acupressure points the Reborn Foot Reflexology Tui Na Massage aims at treating ailments and stress and providing relief to body and restoring energy levels. Established in the year 2000, the company owns a chain ...

  • Shu Jin Therapy Zone

    Shu Jin Therapy Zone

    Shu Jin Therapy Zone has been established and handled by Hasidi Hassan. The therapy zone aims at giving their customers the best treatments available. The Shu Jin Therapy Zone believes there is a different treatment technique for every illness. The therapy tends to revitalize the body and thus helps the ...

  • Foot Master Fish Spa

    Foot Master Fish Spa

    Foot Master Fish Spa is one of its kind spas in Malaysia. It brings a new meaning to feed the fish. Immerse your feet in a tank filled with small Garra Rufa and Cyprinion Macrostomus, also known as the Doctor Fish and let them feed on all the dead skin ...