Things to Do in Kovalam

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  • Lighthouse Beach

    Lighthouse Beach

    The shining star of Kovalam, the Lighthouse Beach is a magnificent mix of gleaming sand, rocking waves, swaying palm fringes and blue aquamarine waters.

    The most frequently visited beach in Kovalam, the Lighthouse beach got its name from the old Vizhinjam lighthouse, which stands tall on a rocky ...

  • Veli Tourist Village

    Veli Tourist Village

    The Veli Tourist Village is a popular picnic spot and the number of tourists that throng this place bear a testimony to its charm. Children are especially fond of the place as it gives a free reign to their playful spirit.

    Ferry rides are quite popular among the ...

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  • Vellayani Lake

    Vellayani Lake

    The Vellayani Lake is one of the famous fresh water lakes in Kerala and is located seven kilometers from Kovalam.

    The Vellayani Lake is the venue of the world famous annual snake boat race organized during the Onam festival. A must visit when in Kovalam. ...

    Lake Waterfall
  • Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

    Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

    Unique and an elaborate display of uninhibited talent, the Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple houses rock cut sculptures dating back to the 18th century. Although unfinished (perhaps that is the real charm!), the statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are the major attractions here. ...

    Monument Religious
  • Artificial Off-Shore Coral Reef

    Artificial Off-Shore Coral Reef

    The artificial coral reef at Kovalam is India’s first off-shore coral reef. The Government of Kerala in association with the Department of Harbor Engineering launched this project with the aim of protecting and enhancing the ecology at the Lighthouse beach.

    The introduction of surfing at the reef has ...

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  • Hawa Beach

    Hawa Beach

    The Hawa beach has an interesting story behind its name. Sometime back, this beach was frequented by topless European women looking to get a perfect tan and thus originated the name Hawa beach. However, at present, topless bathing is banned here, as it is on beaches elsewhere in India. ...

  • Hawa Beach or Eve's Beach

    Hawa Beach or Eve's Beach

    "Hawa Beach is one of the three beaches that together form the crescent of the Kovalam Beach. This beach is endearingly known as the Eve's Beach, presumably because of its beautiful surroundings. It is a heaven for those who are looking for peace and relaxation. The calmness and tranquillity of ...

  • Karamana River

    Karamana River

    Originating from the southern tip of the Western Ghats, Karamana River flows through the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The river is called so because it flows through a small suburb called Karamana. Tourists can enjoy boating on the lake, which is dotted with expansive green patches of tropical plants ...

  • Vellayani Lake

    Vellayani Lake

    "Located about 7 km away from Kovalam, Vellayani Lake is one of the popular freshwater lakes in Kerala. Here tourists can enjoy the beauty of this picturesque lake as well as go on a boat ride. Being home to a variety of flora and fauna, the lake is known for ...

  • Neyyar Dam

    Neyyar Dam

    The Neyyar Dam, located about 32 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, is a popular picnic spot featuring a beautiful lake. The place is particularly famous for some of the rarest medicinal herbs. Boating is the ideal way to explore the beauty of the surroundings. The area circumscribing the Neyyar Dam also ...

    Lake/Waterfall Landmark
  • Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium

    Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium

    Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium is a must-visit attraction located in one of the busiest fishing harbours in Vizhinjam, near Theatre Junction. The aquatic life preserved here is a treasure trove of marine wealth, comprising a variety of fish, corals and other aquatic animals. This aquarium is known for a unique technique ...

  • Padmanabhapuram Palace

    Padmanabhapuram Palace

    Situated at the foot of Veli Hills, Padmanabhapuram Palace is a majestic old fortress located en route to Kanyakumari. A marvel of architecture, the palace has secret courtyards, a dining hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and other interesting facets.

    Known as the ancient capital of Travancore ...

    Cultural Landmark
  • Kovalam Beach

    Kovalam Beach

    Spread across a 17 kilometre long coastline, Kovalam Beach is formed by three exquisite, crescent-shaped beaches in Kovalam - Hawa Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach. It has palm grooves lined along white sandy shores. Frequented by fishermen who rely on the sea for a living, the beach also has ...

  • The Zoological Park

    The Zoological Park

    The Zoological Park in Thiruvananthapuram is the largest zoological park in India and is a must-visit while staying here. Home to wild animals and various species of flora and fauna, the park is an exciting place to take your kids and learn about wildlife. ...

    Zoo/Aquarium For Kids
  • Chowara Beach

    Chowara Beach

    Located at a distance of approximately 10 kilometres from Kovalam, the beautiful village of Chowara is popular for its beach. Coconut trees dot the sandy shores and the golden sands are an ideal place to relax and enjoy with family. A lesser known seaside destination, the Chowara Beach also has ...

  • Napier Art Museum & Gallery & Shri Chitra Art Gallery

    Napier Art Museum & Gallery & Shri Chitra Art Gallery

    An art and natural history museum, the Napier Art Museum is one of the most famous attractions in Thiruvananthapuram. It has been named after the former governor of Madras - Lord Napier. The museum has a beautiful collection of artifacts including ivory carvings and traditional ornaments.

    It also has ...

  • Shanghumukham Beach

    Shanghumukham Beach

    Located along the western side of Thiruvananthapuram, Shanghumukham beach has long been a favourite among nature lovers.

    It is located in close proximity to Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Veli Tourist Village. Don't miss out on watching the sunset from the pristine beach! ...

  • Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

    Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

    One of the 108 holy abodes of Lord Vishnu, Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the most visited temples in Kerala. 'Padmanabhaswamy' is a form of Lord Vishnu and the temple's name has been derived from the deity enshrined here.

    Only Hindus are allowed inside this temple and proper ...