Sheetalnathji Jain Mandir in Kolkata

Sheetalnathji Jain Mandir Overview

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Located at Sham Bazaar area, Sheetalnathji Jain Mandir is one of the most beautiful temples in Kolkata founded in 1867.

Dedicated to Bhagawan Sheetalnath, this temple is large and shows off brilliant architecture. The crenellated walls, which are graced by exquisite artwork, are bound to leave every onlooker mesmerised. The temple is single-storeyed with a towering spire on top. On its sides, you will find sculptures of two elephants with their mahouts sitting astride. There is a marble statue of the founder of the temple, a statue of a woman with golden hair holding a flaming torch, and a plaque in front of the temple.

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36, Badridas Temple Street, Manakatala, Kolkata, 700004, West Bengal