Science City in Kolkata

A great place to educate kids about science.

A great place to educate kids about science. | Photo credit: Wikimedia commons/Biswarup Ganguly

Science City Overview

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The largest of its kind in the Indian subcontinent, the Science City operates under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Inaugurated on 1st July 1997 by the then Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, this centre features several galleries and halls, each of which educates visitors about both heard and unheard scientific principles. Dynamotion Hall, Earth Exploration Hall, Maritime Centre, Evolution Park and Space Odyssey are important galleries of Science City. Within Dynamotion Hall, there are four sections - Illusions (interactive exhibits), Fresh Water Aquarium (26 tanks containing different fish species), Live Butterfly Enclave (live butterflies) and Powers of Ten (43 exhibits of the universe). Earth Exploration Hall is a two-storey building that displays intriguing details about Earth's southern and northern hemisphere. In Maritime Centre, the maritime history of India is thoughtfully depicted. Many unique artefacts, dioramas and interactive exhibits related to shipping and navigation systems are showcased here.

Measuring approximately 1300 sq m in area, the Evolution Park features 7 large walkways, 71 robotic pre-historic animals, 140 early plant models and 26 dinosaurs – making it an attraction in itself. The story behind the evolution of some of the extinct animal species is well portrayed in this park. Space Odyssey that boasts of 3D Vision Theatre is one of the main points of interests of the Science City. Equipped with 150 special effect projectors and Astrovision 10/70 large-format film projection system, the theatre offers an unforgettable 3D viewing experience. In addition, it has a 30-seater motion simulator called 'Time Machine' and a set of 35 exhibits based on reflection known as 'Mirror Magic'.

The Science Park - an amusement park with rides like Caterpillar Ride, Musical Fountain, Road Train, Gravity Coaster, Monorail Cycle and Cable Cars, is an integral part of the Science City. Besides, there are several physical and life science exhibits and a butterfly nursery in this park. Another important aspect of the attraction is the Convention Centre Complex that houses a Grand Theater (2232 seating capacity), Mini Auditorium (392 seating capacity) and Seminar Building. Used for organising conferences, meetings and workshops, the Seminar Building has eleven spacious halls of different seating capacities.

  • Opening Closing Time 09:00 am – 08:00 pm

  • Photo Opp

    At the Science City, there are seemingly endless sights to click. Each of the outdoor and indoor exhibits is an interesting subject to capture through lens.
  • For Kids

    Informative, interesting and highly intriguing - the Science City takes pride in being the ultimate destination for kids. It has all the stimulants – ranging from a sprawling amusement park and 3D theatre to aquarium, maritime centre and several exhibits, to keep young visitors engaged for several hours. No trip to Kolkata can be considered complete for any kid who misses to explore the truly magical Science City!

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