Kolkata Book Fair in Kolkata

A must visit for book lovers

A must visit for book lovers | Photo credit: Wikimedia commons/Biswarup Ganguly

Kolkata Book Fair Overview

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The Kolkata Book Fair is one of India’s oldest and the largest book fairs. Initiated in 1976, it is extremely popular with the locals. The fair also has a typical fairground experience with a book flavour - with the presence of picnickers, singer-songwriters, and candy floss vendors on the fair premises. With a total footfall of over 2 million people, it is world's largest book fair by attendance.

The success of the Kolkata Book Fair has resulted in many book fairs in smaller cities in West Bengal like Siliguri, and was inspired, in turn, by the first World Book Fair at New Delhi in 1972.

The popularity of the Kolkata Book Fair was seminal in India being nominated the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2006, according to the Frankfurt Book Fair organizers. The book fair has been celebrated in theatre, literature, songs and limericks in Kolkata.

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